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Kalvin Henderson, also known as “Hot Sauce,” is a rising star in the world of professional boxing. Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Henderson began his boxing career at the age of 15 and has already achieved impressive feats in both his amateur and professional careers.

With a record of 12 wins and only one loss, Henderson is currently a Super Middleweight professional boxer, and fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming bout against David Morrell Jr.

About Kalvin Henderson

Kalvin Henderson, also known by his boxing nickname “Hot Sauce”. Kalvin Henderson was born on 24th June 1990 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Raised in Texas, Kalvin took to boxing at the relatively late age of 15, encouraged by a friend to give the sport a try. The connection to the sport was immediate, and Kalvin’s natural talent quickly began to shine through.

Kalvin Henderson Personal Details

Full NameKalvin Henderson
NicknameHot Sauce
Debut30 April 2016
Born24 June 1990
Marital StatusMarried
Instagram Handle@kalvinhenderson
BirthplaceFort Worth, Texas, USA
ResidenceFayetteville, Arkansas, USA
DivisionSuper Middleweight
Twitter Handle@saucehenderson
Height6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Net WorthNone
Mother nameLena Henderson
Father nameBobby Henderson
Facebook Handlefb.com/HotSauceHenderson


After an impressive amateur career, during which he claimed a gold medal in the 2010 Texas games and a silver the following year, Kalvin became a four-time Arkansas state champion. His skill in the ring earned him a place as Team USA Boxing Middleweight representative in the World Series of Boxing (WSB) 2015, where he ranked as the #4 Middleweight in the country and #25 in the world.

Kalvin transitioned to professional boxing in 2016, focusing his career in the Super Middleweight division. He has achieved an impressive record, boasting 12 wins against only one loss as of the available data.

His most recent bout was against fellow American Robert Burwell, which he won via technical knockout. This victory added further credence to his growing reputation in the world of professional boxing.

Currently, Kalvin holds the WBA Super Middleweight Champion title and is in preparation to face off against the Minneapolis fan favorite boxer, David Morrell Jr. His career trajectory continues to rise, showing promising signs of more successes to come in the future.

Kalvin Henderson Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

Kalvin Henderson’s exact net worth is not publicly available at this time. However, considering his growing reputation and success in the world of professional boxing, it’s safe to assume that he is doing well financially.

One of Kalvin’s primary sources of income is his boxing career. He signed a promotional contract with King’s Promotions, a significant player in the world of boxing. This contract undoubtedly contributes significantly to his earnings. It’s also important to note that he signed a multi-year extension with his management team at No Limit Mindset LLC, which suggests ongoing and potential future income from his boxing career.

In addition to his boxing career, Kalvin supplements his income by working as a personal trainer at King’s Boxing Gym. This role allows him to share his boxing expertise and help clients achieve their fitness goals, adding another stream of revenue.

Quick Facts

Kalvin Hendersons Girlfriend/Wife

Kalvin Henderson, also known as “Hot Sauce,” is a married family man with five children. His wife, Danielle, is the love of his life and his inspiration in the ring. Although his net worth and salary are undisclosed, Kalvin works as a personal trainer at King’s Boxing gym and owns his own “Hot Sauce” merch brand in his free time.


Kalvin Henderson is 33 years old (as of 2023).


Kalvin Henderson’s height is 6 ft 0 in (183 cm).


The world of professional boxing knows Kalvin Henderson by his punchy nickname, “Hot Sauce”. This unique moniker is a memorable one and holds an amusing origin story intertwined with Kalvin’s high school days and culinary preferences.

The nickname “Hot Sauce” traces back to Henderson’s teenage years when he developed a distinct fondness for hot sauce. His affinity for the fiery condiment was so strong that he would add it to nearly everything he ate, from pizza and mashed potatoes to corn. This quirky habit was noticed by his friends and peers, who began referring to him as “Hot Sauce.”

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