Mohammad Nabi Net Worth, Salary, Career, Height, Biography and More

Mohammad Nabi is a well-known all-rounder in the Afghanistan cricket team, famous for his right-handed batting and right-arm spin bowling skills. He made his debut in 2009 and has since played for various domestic teams, including Sylhet Royals, Rangpur Riders, Quetta Gladiators, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Nabi has a net worth of $40 Million USD and earns most of his income from cricket, including IPL, and various brand endorsements.

Nabi is known as “Mr. President” amongst his teammates and fans, a nickname given to him by Kevin Pietersen during the Pakistan Super League.

About Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi was born on January 1, 1985, in Logar, Afghanistan.

Growing up amidst the tumultuous backdrop of Afghanistan, details about Nabi’s formal education are scarce. However, it’s evident from his early life that cricket has been his primary focus. The all-rounder started playing cricket in his home country before his family moved to Peshawar, Pakistan, to escape the Afghan conflict. It was in Pakistan that Nabi honed his cricketing skills.

Mohammad Nabi Personal Details

Full NameMohammad Nabi Essa Khel
NicknameThe President, Mr. President
Born3 March 1985
Salary5 Crores + INR
Weight82 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Twitter Handle@MohammadNabi007
BirthplaceLogar, Afghanistan
Height1.75 m
Instagram Handle@mohammadnabi07
Net Worth$40 Million
Mother nameRajeshwari (Professor)
Father nameKN Lokesh (Dean)


Nabi’s cricketing career took off when he made his first-class debut against Zimbabwe XI in the 2009-10 ICC Intercontinental Cup. During his debut match, he demonstrated his prowess as a batsman by scoring 102 runs.

He made his One Day International (ODI) debut for Afghanistan on 19 April 2009 against Scotland. His first T20 International came in 2010 against Ireland.

Throughout his career, Nabi has played for various teams in domestic cricket, including Sylhet Royals, Rangpur Riders, Quetta Gladiators, Chittagong Vikings, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

He had a remarkable run in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), where he took 16 wickets in 13 matches. He also served as the captain of the Afghanistan team during the 2010 Asia Cup tournament, leading them to the runner-up position.

Mohammad Nabi’s Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

Mohammad Nabi, one of the most prominent figures in international and domestic cricket, has managed to accumulate a net worth of approximately $40 Million USD as of 2023. His journey in the cricket world, both at international and domestic levels, has significantly contributed to his wealth, making him one of the highest-earning cricketers.

As an exceptional all-rounder, Nabi plays cricket all year round and garners a handsome salary of over 5 crore INR per annum. His earnings have seen an upward trend over the years, reflecting his continued growth as an athlete and his increasing value in the sport.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), known for its lucrative contracts, plays a substantial part in Nabi’s overall earnings. As a well-regarded and established player in the league, he has secured substantial sums over the years. Until 2023, Nabi has earned a total of ₹ 33,000,000 from the IPL, with his 2020 IPL salary alone being ₹ 10,000,000. These figures underscore his demand and popularity in the league.

Apart from cricket, Mohammad Nabi has a strong brand image, which has led to significant earnings from various endorsement deals. He has successfully leveraged his popularity and success to partner with both local and international brands. His appearances in numerous television commercials (TVCs) endorsing different brands also add to his income, marking him as a sought-after brand ambassador.

Quick Facts

Mohammad Nabi’s Girlfriend/Wife

Mohammad Nabi, a renowned figure in international cricket, is indeed a married man and the proud father of two children – a daughter and a son. However, in keeping with his preference for privacy when it comes to his personal life, specific details about his wife and children are not widely known or disclosed.


Mohammad Nabi is 38 years old (as of 2023).


Mohammad Nabi’s height is 1.75 m.


Mohammad Nabi, the highly regarded cricketer, is affectionately known as “Mr. President” in cricketing circles. This moniker was first given to him by former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen during the Pakistan Super League. The name has since stuck and is commonly used by his teammates and fans alike.

The nickname “Mr. President” reflects Nabi’s status and respect in the cricket world. It also signifies his leadership skills on the field and his significant influence in the cricketing community. Nabi is often praised for his strategic acumen, his ability to unite his team, and his unwavering dedication to the sport. These qualities are reflected in his presidential nickname, enhancing his stature both on and off the cricket field.

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